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Delivering Alpha
Through Artificial Intelligence.

AlphaLayer is a technology company building AI-enabled solutions for the investment management industry.


Unlocking operational efficiencies and scale through intelligent automation to create more time for high-value work.

Alpha Generation

Exploring unique sources of return through the systematic application of AI to generate new actionable signals.

Risk Management

Leveraging AI technologies to generate new and innovative risk signals and forecasts.

Who We Are

AlphaLayer is a joint venture between AltaML and Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo).

This partnership is designed to leverage AIMCo’s expertise in investment management and AltaML’s expertise in AI technologies and development.

AltaML and AIMCo Partnership

What We Do

We develop software solutions driven by AI for partners in investment management.

Our solutions, from back-office to front-office, are created by experts in artificial intelligence who are passionate about improving the current state of investment management services.

People working together

“We are excited about this collaboration and the possibilities – whether that be enhancing returns, improving risk management or boosting productivity”

Kevin Uebelein
Kevin Uebelein, Chief Executive Officer, AIMCo

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Finance and AI?

Have a passion for solving real-world problems using data and have an interest in both Finance and AI? We might have a career opportunity waiting for you.

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